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 Issue 93

It All Started Here!Making Of Computer Space

Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell reveal the fascinating story behind Computer Space,
the first commercial videogame.A Moment With Duncan Jones
The director of Moon and Source Code drops by to talk to us about his favourite
classic games.
Super Nintendo Collector’s Guide
Nintendo’s 16-bit super console is the subject for this monthís exhaustive collector’s
Board Of Videogames
We play some board games based on classic arcade hits from yesteryear, and see how they

Also inside…
– The History Of Galaga
– The Unconverted: Shock Troopers
– Coin-op Capers: Rastan
– Future Classic: Zone Of Enders 2: The Second Runner
– Signature Series: Quake
– The Classic Game: Parodius
– From The Archives: Atari Inc
– Making Of: Nodes Of Yesod
– Retro Revival: Werewolves Of London
– Retro Revival: Crusader: No Remorse
– Cheap As Chips: Buster Busts Loose!
– Reviews include: Galaga Legions DX, Deflex, Dream Trigger 3D.