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TheOne Magazine Issue 65

Retro Gamer 3

CU Amiga Magazine Issue 076




Videogames in real life

C64 Scenedemo BluREU 3D by Crest (X 2012)

Casio watch story

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Gameboy Color Online Emulator

Gameboy Color Online Emulator




Retro Gamer nr. 100.


Issue 100
Celebrate 100 issues with a double whammy of Retro Gamer love!

Issue 1
– To celebrate our 100th issue we’re including a fantastic reprint of issue one.
Inside The Spectrum
– We speak to the designers about Britain’s best-loved 8-bit home computer.
David Braben Celebrates Elite
– The co-creator of Elite examines his 28-year old classic.
The Making Of Sonic The Hedgehog
– Yuji Naka reveals the creation of Sega’s popular blue mascot.
Also inside..
– Eastern Blocks: The Story Of Game Boy Tetris
– Ralph Baer, the godfather of videogames
– EUgene Jarvis Discusses Robotron: 2084
– David Crane’s Tricks Of The Trade
– 100 Classic Gaming Moments
– Type-In Game RG Rampage
– John Romero Discusses Dangerous Dave
– In The Chair With Andrew Braybrook
– A Moment With
– Crash And Burn: The Videogame Crash
– Rob Hubbard: The Music Man
– The Making Of Grand Theft Auto
Free with this issue…
– Issue one of Retro Gamer!

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The ZX Spectrum / Commodore 64 Book



Product Description


From the makers of Retro Gamer comes the ultimate guides to the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. With over 250 pages packed full of amazing games and in-depth features, this 30th anniversary special is a must for any gamer looking for a trip down memory lane.

In this bookazine…

Essential guides to two of gaming’s greatest home computers

Classic games
– Take a look at some of the best games for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

In-depth features
– Learn about these two amazing home computers and the legacy they left behind.

Essential interviews
– Hear from industry experts and the main players that made these computers great.

Collector’s guides
– Discover where to start your ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 collections.

Also inside…

ZX Spectrum
– Retroinspection: ZX Spectrum
– Perfect Ten: ZX Spectrum
– And The Rest… ZX Spectrum
– Retro Revival: Lords Of Midnight
– The Making Of: Head Over Heels
– Feature: Spectrum Legends
– Cheap As Chips: Rex
– Retro Revival: The Trap Door
– Developer Lookback: Ultimate: Play The Game
– Classic Game: The Great Escape
– The Story Of Monty Mole
– Retro Revival: Batty
– The Making Of: Turbo Esprit
– Feature: Top 25 ZX Spectrum Games
– Classic Game: Trashman
– The Making Of: Manic Miner
– Company Profile: Imagine Software
– Classic Game: Feud
– The Making Of Crash magazine
– Retro Revival: Dynamite Dan
– The History Of Sabreman
– In The Chair With Matthew Smith
– From The Archives: Durell Software
– Collector’s Guide ZX Spectrum

Commodore 64


– Retroinspection: Commodore 64
– Perfect Ten: Commodore 64
– And The Rest… Commodore 64
– Retro Revival: Barbarian
– The Making Of: The Great Giana Sisters
– Feature: The Sid Crowd
– Retro Revival: Hover Bovver
– Developer Lookback: Ocean Software
– Classic Game: Impossible Mission
– Feature: Over The Pond
– Retro Revival: Bruce Lee
– The Making Of: Wizball
– Feature: Top 25 Commodore 64 Games
– Classic Game: Uridium
– The Making Of: Ghostbusters
– Company Profile: Thalamus
– The Making Of Zzap! 64 magazine
– Retro Revival: Aliens
– Feature: The Ultimate Adventure
– Desert Island Disks: Ben Daglish
– From The Archives: First Star Software
– Collector’s Guide: Commodore 64








Awesome Guide to the SNK NeoGeo.