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Issue 100
Celebrate 100 issues with a double whammy of Retro Gamer love!

Issue 1
– To celebrate our 100th issue we’re including a fantastic reprint of issue one.
Inside The Spectrum
– We speak to the designers about Britain’s best-loved 8-bit home computer.
David Braben Celebrates Elite
– The co-creator of Elite examines his 28-year old classic.
The Making Of Sonic The Hedgehog
– Yuji Naka reveals the creation of Sega’s popular blue mascot.
Also inside..
– Eastern Blocks: The Story Of Game Boy Tetris
– Ralph Baer, the godfather of videogames
– EUgene Jarvis Discusses Robotron: 2084
– David Crane’s Tricks Of The Trade
– 100 Classic Gaming Moments
– Type-In Game RG Rampage
– John Romero Discusses Dangerous Dave
– In The Chair With Andrew Braybrook
– A Moment With
– Crash And Burn: The Videogame Crash
– Rob Hubbard: The Music Man
– The Making Of Grand Theft Auto
Free with this issue…
– Issue one of Retro Gamer!

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