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Product Description


From the makers of Retro Gamer comes the ultimate guides to the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. With over 250 pages packed full of amazing games and in-depth features, this 30th anniversary special is a must for any gamer looking for a trip down memory lane.

In this bookazine…

Essential guides to two of gaming’s greatest home computers

Classic games
– Take a look at some of the best games for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

In-depth features
– Learn about these two amazing home computers and the legacy they left behind.

Essential interviews
– Hear from industry experts and the main players that made these computers great.

Collector’s guides
– Discover where to start your ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 collections.

Also inside…

ZX Spectrum
– Retroinspection: ZX Spectrum
– Perfect Ten: ZX Spectrum
– And The Rest… ZX Spectrum
– Retro Revival: Lords Of Midnight
– The Making Of: Head Over Heels
– Feature: Spectrum Legends
– Cheap As Chips: Rex
– Retro Revival: The Trap Door
– Developer Lookback: Ultimate: Play The Game
– Classic Game: The Great Escape
– The Story Of Monty Mole
– Retro Revival: Batty
– The Making Of: Turbo Esprit
– Feature: Top 25 ZX Spectrum Games
– Classic Game: Trashman
– The Making Of: Manic Miner
– Company Profile: Imagine Software
– Classic Game: Feud
– The Making Of Crash magazine
– Retro Revival: Dynamite Dan
– The History Of Sabreman
– In The Chair With Matthew Smith
– From The Archives: Durell Software
– Collector’s Guide ZX Spectrum

Commodore 64


– Retroinspection: Commodore 64
– Perfect Ten: Commodore 64
– And The Rest… Commodore 64
– Retro Revival: Barbarian
– The Making Of: The Great Giana Sisters
– Feature: The Sid Crowd
– Retro Revival: Hover Bovver
– Developer Lookback: Ocean Software
– Classic Game: Impossible Mission
– Feature: Over The Pond
– Retro Revival: Bruce Lee
– The Making Of: Wizball
– Feature: Top 25 Commodore 64 Games
– Classic Game: Uridium
– The Making Of: Ghostbusters
– Company Profile: Thalamus
– The Making Of Zzap! 64 magazine
– Retro Revival: Aliens
– Feature: The Ultimate Adventure
– Desert Island Disks: Ben Daglish
– From The Archives: First Star Software
– Collector’s Guide: Commodore 64