Issue 94

Go behind the doors of one of the greatest adventures of all time!

The Making Of: Maniac Mansion
Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick on turning SCUMM into gaming gold.

Chapter and verses
We look back at Capcom’s Vs series and celebrate 21 years of crazy crossovers.

Art Attack
Key Amiga developers and designers reveal how they created stunning visuals for the 16-bit machine.

Great GBA games
Retro Gamer reveals 25 of the best original games for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance.

Also inside…
– The Making Of: Maniac Mansion
– Retro Shamer: Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon
– Classic Game: Trashman
– Obscura Machina: Pippin
– The Unconverted
– Classic Game: Discworld
– The Making Of: Slightly Magic
– Minority Report
– The Making Of: Jones In The Fast Lane
– Retro Revival: Batman
– Retro Revival: First Samurai
– Retro Revival: Ugh!
– Retro Revival: Fortress
– A Moment With Malcolm Evans
– Future Classic: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
– From The Archives: Atari Corporation
– The Best GBA Games
– Bluffer’s Guide To Construction Software




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