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Issue 92

Retro Gamer reveals the end of 8-bit computers

End Of The 8-Bits
Discover what killed off the popular range of 8-bit computers and find out how the 16-bits took over

Bluffers Guide To Vector Games
From Star Wars to Black Widow, we reveal the rising popularity of vector-based arcade games

The Making Of Grim Fandango
Double Fine’s Tim Schafer reveals the origins of LucasArts’ last great adventure game

The History Of Final Fight
We chart the meteoric rise and bloody fall of Capcom’s popular scrolling fighter

Also inside…
– End Of The 8-Bits
– Cheap As Chips: DinoPark Tycoon
– The Collector’s Guide: Amstrad CPC
– The Classic Game: GG Shinobi
– The Ultimate Guide: U.N. Squadron
– The Making Of: Chariot Race
– Signature Series: Ninja Gaiden
– Retro Revival: The Firemen
– Retro Revival: Pac-Land
– Future Classic: Gitaroo Man
– Bluffer’s Guide To Vector Games
– The History Of: Final Fight
– The Making Of: Grim Fandango