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Commodore OS Vision




Introducing Commodore OS VisionCommodore OS Vision is a community driven Linux distribution for Commodore enthusiasts that is designed to unleash your creative potential and help you enjoy your computing experience to the fullest. Commodore computers were well known for their unique operating environments, so we seek to do the same, by providing a distinctive, attractive, advanced and fun operating system experience. Its look is inspired by the Commodore 64 and original Commodore Amiga Workbench user environments but with a modern spin, which includes many slick graphical effects which showcase the capabilities of our new Commodore machines.Intended for pre-installation on all future Commodore USA hardware, Commodore OS Vision comes pre-loaded with dozens of the latest and greatest productivity, creativity and entertainment software the open source world has to offer. Featuring dozens of exciting 3D games, the latest web browsing technology, a Microsoft Word compatible Office Suite, advanced graphical manipulation programs, 3D raytracing software, advanced software development tools and languages, photo and movie editing and sound and music composition programs, there is no task too big or too small for a Commodore or AMIGA computer to accomplish.
Commodore OS Vision will be available for free download by the general public shortly.
Commodore OS Vision is beta software under continual development.
There are no warranties whatsoever regarding its usage or applicability for any purpose.
The focus has been on the system working well on Commodore hardware and usage on other systems may vary.
Commodore OS Vision is 64-bit software only, to make the most of the latest technology.
Commodore ROMs are provided with our machines or purchased media only. Prosegui la lettura »

C64: Prince of Persia finally arrives!



PrinceOfPersia – C64 Version

Dopo 20 anni è finalmente arrivata la conversione di Prince of Persia anche per il Commodore 64: il codice è basato sulla versione per AppleII ed occorre possedere un C64 dotato di cartuccia EasyFlasher per poter usufruire del programma.


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Retro Gamer Issue 94

Issue 94

Go behind the doors of one of the greatest adventures of all time!

The Making Of: Maniac Mansion
Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick on turning SCUMM into gaming gold.

Chapter and verses
We look back at Capcom’s Vs series and celebrate 21 years of crazy crossovers.

Art Attack
Key Amiga developers and designers reveal how they created stunning visuals for the 16-bit machine.

Great GBA games
Retro Gamer reveals 25 of the best original games for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance.

Also inside…
– The Making Of: Maniac Mansion
– Retro Shamer: Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon
– Classic Game: Trashman
– Obscura Machina: Pippin
– The Unconverted
– Classic Game: Discworld
– The Making Of: Slightly Magic
– Minority Report
– The Making Of: Jones In The Fast Lane
– Retro Revival: Batman
– Retro Revival: First Samurai
– Retro Revival: Ugh!
– Retro Revival: Fortress
– A Moment With Malcolm Evans
– Future Classic: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
– From The Archives: Atari Corporation
– The Best GBA Games
– Bluffer’s Guide To Construction Software




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Sonic CD – Announcement Trailer

Dopo quasi 20 anni ritorna Sonic Cd ed è un porting diretto da SegaCd.

Il gioco apparirà a Novembre 2011 su Xbla,Psn,Iphone e Ipad,Pc,Android e Windows Phone 7.


Retrogamer : Issue 93


 Issue 93

It All Started Here!Making Of Computer Space

Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell reveal the fascinating story behind Computer Space,
the first commercial videogame.A Moment With Duncan Jones
The director of Moon and Source Code drops by to talk to us about his favourite
classic games.
Super Nintendo Collector’s Guide
Nintendo’s 16-bit super console is the subject for this monthís exhaustive collector’s
Board Of Videogames
We play some board games based on classic arcade hits from yesteryear, and see how they

Also inside…
– The History Of Galaga
– The Unconverted: Shock Troopers
– Coin-op Capers: Rastan
– Future Classic: Zone Of Enders 2: The Second Runner
– Signature Series: Quake
– The Classic Game: Parodius
– From The Archives: Atari Inc
– Making Of: Nodes Of Yesod
– Retro Revival: Werewolves Of London
– Retro Revival: Crusader: No Remorse
– Cheap As Chips: Buster Busts Loose!
– Reviews include: Galaga Legions DX, Deflex, Dream Trigger 3D.


Retro Gamer – Issue 92

Issue 92

Retro Gamer reveals the end of 8-bit computers

End Of The 8-Bits
Discover what killed off the popular range of 8-bit computers and find out how the 16-bits took over

Bluffers Guide To Vector Games
From Star Wars to Black Widow, we reveal the rising popularity of vector-based arcade games

The Making Of Grim Fandango
Double Fine’s Tim Schafer reveals the origins of LucasArts’ last great adventure game

The History Of Final Fight
We chart the meteoric rise and bloody fall of Capcom’s popular scrolling fighter

Also inside…
– End Of The 8-Bits
– Cheap As Chips: DinoPark Tycoon
– The Collector’s Guide: Amstrad CPC
– The Classic Game: GG Shinobi
– The Ultimate Guide: U.N. Squadron
– The Making Of: Chariot Race
– Signature Series: Ninja Gaiden
– Retro Revival: The Firemen
– Retro Revival: Pac-Land
– Future Classic: Gitaroo Man
– Bluffer’s Guide To Vector Games
– The History Of: Final Fight
– The Making Of: Grim Fandango

Retro Gamer – Issue 91

Retro Gamer Magazine

Arcade Game Flyers Archive


Grande digital repository contenente tantissimi flyers relativi a pubblicità e brochure informative riguardanti coinop di vecchia data.

Lcd Games rebirth.



Click Here!


Lcd game handheld collection, playable!

Un pò di storia informatica: Windows 3.1 nel browser.

Chi tra di voi è stato un utilizzatore di questo sistema operativo targato Microsoft?

Per chi si è perso questa “pietra miliare” ed è curioso, può recuperare aprendo questo sito:


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